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Both driveways were done within a week of each other.  The driveway on the left was done one year ago by us using the same product from sealmaster as the driveway on the right.  Why is there a huge wear difference?  We use manufacturers recommended sand load and additives.  We also give each job two coats as recommended by the manufacturer.  Using the lowest bidder costs money in the long run.  You can see the driveway we did on the left is still like new and the one on the right has most of the sealer worn off already. 

Why we use Pitch Black ® Asphalt Sealer

• No need to dilute with water we add sand to increase durability

• Acts as a shield against weather and UV rays seals in asphalt oils

• Protects against salt, gasoline, oil and other chemicals that can destroy your pavement

• Prevents small cracks from getting bigger and fills minor voids and imperfections

• Creates a rich, black surface with long-term color retention – ideal for painting lines

• Lowers maintenance costs – rainfall easily washes dirt from the smooth, non-porous surface - prolongs the life of your asphalt pavement

• Higher Solids content than other sealers

• Non-toxic to both workers and the environment – no asbestos, coal tar, or other carcinogenic materials

• Non-flammable and non-tracking

• Provides a non-slip surface for walkways, tennis courts, playgrounds, parking lots & traffic areas. 

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