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Welcome to White Bear Asphalt

White Bear Asphalt & Sealcoat is a local family owned business.  We support local community and they support us in return. 

White Bear Asphalt & Sealcoat
2199 Edgerton St
Maplewood, MN 55117
Phone: 651-483-4546

Why have us sealcoat?

We don’t use high pressure sales and multiple phone calls.  We usually just mail a proposal or leave it in the door.  We allow our product, price, and reputation to sell for us combined with a sample of our product included with every proposal to show you the actual product, sand load, and thickness you will get.  We are insured, experienced, have state of the art equipment and not only use the premium product polymer modified sealer, we also add the maximum sand load to our product of 4-5 pounds per gallon.  Our sealer is applied in two coats.  You get two coats for the price of one.




No water added

Unlike conventional sealers that require dilution of up to 50% water.  Our sealer allows application without dilution with water.


Higher solids provide more durability on commercial lots and driveways.


Crackfilling done right

For crack filling, we clean the cracks with a wire wheel brush and crackfill with a 10-gallon hot crackfill distributor.  It evenly heats the crack filler to 400 degrees turning it to a liquid and is distributed into the cracks as a liquid filling them and automatically removing
excess material as it is distributed.  Hot crack filler is far superior to any cold pour type crack filler bought at the hardware store.

See the difference
     Both driveways were done within a week of each other.  The driveway on the left was done one year ago by us using the same product from Sealmaster as the driveway on the right.  Why is there a huge wear difference?  We use the manufacturer’s recommended sand load and additives.   We also give each job two coats as recommended by the manufacturer.  


Driveway apron information sheet

The cause:  Aprons sinking in our area are normally one of two types. 

  Failed cinder block foundation:  In our area, garage slabs are supported by hollow cinder blocks (see illustration on left.)   When road salt mixed with melting snow falls off your car and runs out of the garage to the end of the slab it seeps down in to the unsealed cinder block.  Unsealed cinder blocks turn to sand when exposed to salt water.  This leaves holes in the block that allows gravel to flow in to the voids thus causing your asphalt to sink.

  Improper compaction/settling:  Less common is improper compaction or settling.  Common causes are sub-soil that was dug up just before driveway installation, or not having a gravel base in driveway during the construction process.



The Repair process:  The illustration on the right is our typical repair process.  First we saw cut and remove the asphalt and gravel portion that has sunk. Next we seal the concrete block so no further salt damage will occur.  Then we lay down petromat to hold the gravel in place to prevent further flow into the cinder block voids.  We add class V (gravel) as needed and compact.  Finally, we asphalt the area, clean up, and block off as needed.  Once sealcoated, the repair blends in much better.  The repair will not be undetectable due to the smoother finish of new asphalt versus your existing asphalt.  You will have a seam between the new and old asphalt, but the work will be professionally done and look great.

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